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Iuvo Kennels

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About Us.

Iuvo (You-Voh) Kennels is a Collie breeder based in Central Indiana.  Iuvo, "I Help" in Latin, is what we are about. We want to help your family find a family pet, your next service dog, a conformation prospect, or a new sports dog. Our family originally started in Collies with a Smooth Collie named Maggie in 1994. However, we did not get started in training or breeding until much later.


Iuvo Kennels is dedicated to bettering the Collie breed through extended health testing, appropriate trialing, and extensive socialization. We are preservation breeders and striving for the very best. Read more about our health testing, trials, and socialization protocols on the  "Our Program" page.

Although we pride ourselves and primarily work with facilities and disabled handlers for service dog work, we understand that not all litters will have a service dog prospect and not all dogs are made for service work. We will still have pets and conformation puppies in most litters. 

The People Behind Iuvo Kennels


Emilea, pronounced Emily, has had her Registered Veterinary Technician license since 2016. She became a Fear Free Certified Professional at the Elite status in 2019. She specialized in behavior and got her dog training certification from Karen Pryor Academy as a Certified Training Partner in 2020. She was an apprentice under a service dog trainer since 2012. Since 2017, she has been training service dogs on her own. However, in 2023, she became an official Service Dog Coach through Cooperative Paws. She is canine, feline, and human CPR certified. Emilea has been Low Stress Handling Certified since 2020 as well. She got her Certified Trick Dog Instructor certification at the end of 2023. Emilea did a Certified Conditioning and Fitness Coach program and completed that in mid-2024.


Dylan started training dogs in 2020 alongside Emilea. He does a lot of temperament testing, assisting in socialization protocols, and trick dog games. He also grooms the Iuvo Kennel Collies for the various events they do. Although he is new to Collies (2019), he has jumped right in being a "Collie Dad" and into the world of purebred dogs. He is canine and feline CPR certified. 


The youngest member of Iuvo Kennels is Levi. He is the son of Emilea and Dylan. Levi has been involved in Collies since he was born in January of 2016. He does Rally, Conformation, Trick Dog and general training with all the Iuvo Collies (and other dogs too!). He currently doesn't have any certifications but that hasn't stopped him yet. 

We work closely with the Collie Club of America, Columbus Collie Club, American Working Collie Association, Collie Health Foundation, Canine Health Foundation, Indiana Purebred Dog Alliance, and Central Indiana Kennel Club as long time members.

Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

Iuvo Kennels aligns themselves with the Collie Health Foundation, American Working Collie Association, and the American Kennel Club's written standard of the Collie in order to produce a temperamentally sound, structurally strong, and free of genetic issues dog that will change the lives of whoever they encounter. 

Core Values

  1. Positive Reinforcement

    • We use positive reinforcement for both humans and animals in order to increase the relationship with training and the new puppies.​

  2. Acceptance

    • We accept all people. It doesn't matter your disability, race, political party, religion, or more. You are welcome at Iuvo Kennels.​

  3. Excellent Service

    • We pride ourselves on working with scientific skill to be the best version of ourselves to hand over to our puppy parents.​

  4. Teamwork 

    • We work with the puppy parent, their families, their pets​, and their veterinarian to see exactly what puppy would work for them. 

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